COMBINing crafstmanship  & INNOVATION

AltNova carries out restorations of valuable metal and natural stone works. We work everywhere in Belgium from our centrally located workhouses in Zaventem. We are a professional and cohesive team of specialists and apply new technologies where possible in our work. AltNova has the expertise to reconstruct dissappeared objects and constructions in cast- and wrought iron and / or natural stone in accordance with the original.

wrought & cast iron

Restoration of ancient valuable metal works: gates, fences and balconies in wrought and cast iron. 

Completely disappeared metal works can be reconstructed based on old photographs. 

New constructions can be made based on own designs and inspired by art styles such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Louis XIV, XV.  

natural stone works

Ancient metalworks are very often  anchored in natural stone.   Rusted metal causes cracks in natural stone. 

In this field we restore existing sculptures, pedestals & columns according to the rules of art or else make identical copies of missing pieces of natural stone.

architectural hardware

Cremone bolt, espagnolettes, door pulls (knobs), covered with numerous layers of paint, without any esthetical value at first sight, are being restored into magnificent pieces of art.  

For the creation of missing pieces or parts, we use 3D imagery and 3D-print for modeling.  In so doing, identical copies or variations on existing models are feasible.

restoration of monuments

Restoration of architectural heritage requires in many cases a global approach to metalwork, natural stone, masonry and concrete works.

AltNova takes care of the coordination of the various disciplines, with due attention to the heritage philosophy.

Hedendaagse constructies, bvb combinatie van hout met metaal

contemporary metalworks

Think about combining metal and wood, or else metal and glass.
Consider the advantage of a single partner on a construction where restoration works are carried out simultaneously.

We have our own measurement service and our integrated design office.

restoration of metal doors & WINDOWS

Comprehensive restorations of steel entrance doors and windows.


Missing parts are made according to the original, we place decorative glass, in a safety execution if needed.


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