Antwoorden op 10 veel gestelde vragen over restauratie van smeedwerk en gietijzer - Mark Peeters

Forged Metal & Cast Iron Restoration: Answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions

AltNova’s founder Mark Peeters brings a second, completely rethought version of his book about forging and cast iron restauration. The book was originally written in Dutch and is now also translated to French. An English version is not yet available. Both versions are available for purchase online, both are linked below. The table of content and the first 10 pages of the book can be viewed for free. The title of the book is ‘Restauratie van smeedwerk & gietijzer: Antwoorden op 10 veel gestelde vragen’ in Dutch and ‘Restauration des anciennes ferronneries en fonte et fer forgé : réponses sur 10 questions fréquemment posées’ in French. It offers a unique view on the restauration of old, valueable metalwork such as balconies in cast iron, fencework in forged metal and roof ornaments in copper or zinc. The book also portrays the problem of bursts in natural stone in which these precious metals are often anchored. Unique about this paperback is that it contains plenty of practical examples about restauration projects excecuted by Altnova, the company the writer has found.

A small part of the book, including the table of content, is available for free below.

The book is available for purchase on the website An order can be placed with the buttons below. The price of the book will be deducted again when it leads to an order at Altnova.

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