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Restoration of both structural and ornamental architectural metalwork (iron gates and fencing, balconies and window guards, anchors in masonry, bespoke replicas of architectural hardware …) is our main activity: after an initial assessment, we make our own inventory of all composing parts and number them, if needed we carefully take apart the construction in the reverse order of the initial installation, we repair in our works or in situ and make replicas of missing parts or parts that are too far gone.  We have our own blasting and thermal spray equipment.  Altnova has an in-depth understanding of the appropriate painting techniques for ancient metal work. 


Old metal works are in most instances anchored in a stone pillar, pedestal or plinth.  We assess the source of the deterioration first.  The treatment of the fractured natural stone requires a global approach with knowledge of both disciplines: metal and stone.  Altnova understands the difficult cohabitation of stone and metal due to their disparate expansion following temperature changes.


AltNova designs, manufactures and places custom gates, balconies and fences from various art styles like Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Louis XIV, XV.  With our knowledge of traditional blacksmithing and joining techniques, we recognize more details on old photos, on the basis of which we manufacture (partly) disappeared ironwork truthfully.  


We enable our customers to pass on valuable ironwork to their future generations. In order to do so, we are interested in the origin and history of their metalwork.  With our own on-going historical searches for old foundries & metal factories, we can complement our customer’s historical research.

Altnova has a good knowledge of the various financial aids available at a regional level regarding the restoration of metalwork and natural stone.Altnova has a good knowledge of the various financial aids available at a regional level regarding the restoration of metalwork and natural stone.

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our team

We are a group of experienced and passionate crafstmen.  We have our own blasting & thermal spray equipment, drawing and study office,  we complement your historical searches. l

innovative craftsmanship

With an in-depth knowledge of traditional blacksmithing, casting and joining techniques, we keep an open eye to new technologies such as 3D imagery and milling.


We come out and study what needs to be done prior to our estimate.  We listen to your needs and answer your questions.
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Frequently asked questions

We have answered the three most frequently asked questions about AltNova. If you have another unresolved question please contact us.

Our founder Mark Peeters also published a book, you can request you free copy of  ‘Een antwoord op 10 veelgestelde vragen over restauratie van smeedwerk & gietijzer‘ by entering your name and email-address in the form below. The e-book will be sent to your inbox. The paper version is also available upon request.  Learn more.

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What kind of clients does Altnova work with?
AltNova works for both individuals and public constractors.
What kind of jobs does AltNova excecute?
AltNova heeft zich gespecialiseerd in renovatie en nieuwbouw van smeed- en gietijzer. Hierbuiten is AltNova ook sterk aanwezig op vakgebieden zoals natuursteenwerken, hang- en sluitwerk, hedendaagse metaalconstructies en hout-en kunststofbewerking. Bekijk al onze vakgebieden hier.
are any financial aids available ?
Most financial aids are organised on a regional level in Belgium.  Learn more by dropping us a mail  contact us.

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5 out of 5 stars

Derom Straat
Derom Straat

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

Mark did install recently an entrance gate to my property (combination of metal and wood + automation). Although this was a first time for him in this combination, Mark went on the market and researched what was available. Finally offered me a good solution and implemented perfectly. One of the strongest points is the eye for detail and the commitment for quality - hard to find these days. If you have a project, it is definitely worthwhile to check his availabilty.. I did not regret..

Michael Swann
Michael Swann

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

Mark is one of those rare and happy people who has so much enthusiasm for his work that it communicates naturally to the people he works with.
For me he made a complete restoration of two cast iron balconies from the 1890s, transforming their appearance and giving them a new lease of life.
He also adapted an original basement grill so as to make it openable and lockable; for this he listened very carefully to my wishes, to come up with a tailored solution.
I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending both Mark and his work.

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Are you interested in a quote or do you have any questions about your project? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone. You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning grants.
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